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Truly Unique Sterling Silver Rings for Mother’s  Day

Mother's Day is approaching quickly and for many, it's one of the hardest gift-giving days of the year. Somehow, mothers always seem to have everything, claim to want for nothing, and yet deserve so much. For many of us, it gets harder every year to find something for Mother's Day that will last longer than flowers or candy and mean so much more. This year, consider a truly unique sterling silver ring from the premier designer of handcrafted jewelry, SD Jewelry Design.

For over ten years, SD Jewelry Design has enjoyed a reputation as the leader in handcrafted Israeli jewelry. Their young, contemporary designers have created several collections of truly unique, beautiful jewelry, including a number of sterling silver rings that will get attention whenever they are worn. No matter what style or taste your wife, mother or best friend has, SD Jewelry Design is sure to have something that will delight her.

Each ring is unmistakably crafted by hand and each is wonderfully unique. All of the company's sterling silver rings are meticulously crafted and often feature yellow or rose gold as accents, so they can be worn with any other jewelry. Many of the rings also feature gorgeous gemstones, such as aquamarine, topaz, peridot and many others. You can choose a ring to go with a birth month, a favorite color or just a favorite gem. Each setting is wonderfully creative and contemporary and won't be found in your department store jewelry case.

There are rings to suit any fashion style or particular taste, from simple and elegant to primitive, Southwestern, bohemian or ethnic. There are larger, attention-grabbing designs as well as simpler, more diminutive styles. With such a huge selection and diversity of designs, there is sure to be a perfect choice for the woman who's fortunate enough to be receiving a sterling silver ring from SD Jewelry Design.

The company also offers clients the opportunity to design their own rings. You can work with one of the talented jewelry designers to choose a style, design, metal and gemstone selection that you feel will most please the woman for whom you're shopping. This gives you a chance to gift a special mother with a ring that is as one-of-a-kind as she is herself. Custom jewelry is a gift that is very rare, and so appreciated. Nothing makes someone feel as special as a gift that was designed specifically for her.

For a truly unique gift idea, you can even arrange to have your favorite mother create her own sterling silver ring. A lovely card can be given to invite her to work with the designers at SD Jewelry Design to create her own ring. Aside from the unique experience you'll be providing her, you can be assured that the ring will be perfect for her, as she'll be her own designer!

This year, don't settle for roses, chocolates or a new nightgown. Gift the special mother in your life with something that will make it very clear that she is truly appreciated.