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We specialize in Sterling silver designer rings and handcrafted artisan jewelry

For over a decade, SD Jewelry Design has become a recognized leader in original handcrafted jewelry. Our designer jewelry not only represents the beauty from different cultures but also captures the modern trend in which people could find it easy to match up with their daily outfits.

We specialize in sterling silver and gold jewelry which features with variety of gemstones that people could choose to go with the design. Our collection offers an assortment of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with its own distinctive character: classy, modern, fun, flirty, floral or just simply simple and we're sure to capture your personality in our different designs and motifs.

Leather Wrap Bracelets For Fashion Jewelry Fall 2013

SD Jewelry will be presenting the new fashion jewelry with mainly handmade leather wrap bracelets this fall 2013. Differencing from all the designs on the market, these handcrafted bracelets features studded leather and beautiful Swarovski crystals. Gold and silver plated are mainly used for the locks which are magnet or hooks. Some of the styles are one wrap bracelets while others are multi wraps around your wrist. These handcrafted bracelets vary in styles. They could be very classy with just black color leather and metal (silver or gold) or really colorful with sparkling Swarovski crystals and metal chains.

As a part of the inspirations for this handmade fashion jewelry, the designer made some bracelets unisex style, so they could be worn on men wrist as well. All pieces are 100% handmade to make them one of a kind jewelry. There are many styles for you to choose from as these handcrafted bracelets could be worn alone or layers for that trendy look of today and years to follow.

Check out these handmade leather wrap bracelets

New Color & Style Handcrafted Jewelry Fall 2012

Impacted from the pop color trend, SD Jewelry has announced all new colors and styles jewelry line for this Fall. The design from the collection is variety, it goes from light and thin to bold and edgy with different stone colors and materials. To add on the new look, many textures and patterns have been applied to the bands and the bezels.

Professional attires, casual outfits, or party dresses whatever you wear, you could easily find the perfect match for it from this collection. As if all the pieces are handmade by professional jewelers, the person who wears them could feel it more personal as they are made just for her. Our main goal is guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers, so you will be satisfied when you shop with us.

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New Colorful Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

This June, SD Jewelry will launch their newest colorful handcrafted sterling silver jewelry to refresh the Karen Collection. The new designs are the combination of colors from the most popular gemstones this summer such as smoky, lemon quartz, blue topaz, rutilated, moonstone, crystal, and amethyst. Also the elongated styles are combined with different shapes like teardrop, round, oval, and rectangle with round edges.

Our newest handmade jewelry is youthful and feminine, so they could go with any outfits and occasions. The colors are really bright and modern if you want to match with your color blocks style. Beside the color combination styles, the new Karen Collection has the single color from the clear or crystal to the dark of the smoky quartz. There are many options that you can choose from our newest handcrafted sterling silver jewelry.

All new Karen collection will definitely a biggest hit for this summer trend. Check it out at

New Handcrafted Jewelry For Spring / Summer 2012

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